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The line between Bari and Zakynthos isn't available at this time by any maritime company connected to NetFerry online booking system.

Port of BARI

The port of Bari is located on the south east coast of Italy, on the heel of the boot. It is a busy port providing both commercial and tourist services. Each year over 2.0 million passengers pass through the port, of which about 650,000 are cruise passengers. In the past century they added a cruise terminal and restructured the ferry terminal, there are currently several renovations and extensions. The port of Bari extends to the north-west for about 2.5 kilometers and includes the districts of Marconi - San Girolamo - Libertà. How to reach Bari port  To reach the port from Bari tr... [More information]

Address: Piazzale Cristoforo Colombo, 1, 70122 Bari
Directions: Google Map @ Bari, port


Zante is a Greek island in the Ionian archipelago, located in the Ionian Sea near Peloponnese. History The poet Ugo Foscolo was born in Zante and he dedicated the sonnet "A Zacinto" to the island. Zante has a dramatic history, from the ancient and bloody battles between Spartans and Athenians to the devastating earthquake of 1953 that devastated the island.  Zante and the surrounding marine reserve  The city of Zakynthos (Chora in Greek) is the capital of the island and is its largest port. There are ships in continuous service here with continuous sea connections with Kyllini. ... [More information]