Dec 02, 22

From the Estonian to the Finnish capital: there are many reasons to cross the Gulf of Finland. So, we have put together 4 tips for the best travel itinerary.

Let the day trip to Helsinki begin!

1. From the port of Helsinki to Kauppatori
2. Stroll to Senate Square and visit the Cathedral
3. At the Dome of Silence, discover a church built into the rock
4. Take a sauna and ride the Finnair Sky Wheel

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1. From the port of Helsinki to the famous Kauppatori

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Nov 28, 22

When you think of the Canary Islands, usually Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote first come to mind. However, many people don’t realize that there is so much more to discover; in fact the Canary archipelago comprises 8 major islands and is surrounded by small islets.

The ferry is the quickest, cheapest, and most comfortable way to get around these islands, especially for day trips. And that's why here at NetFerry, we have decided to offer you an itinerary that will make your stay in Tenerife even more memorable.

Nov 15, 22

The German writer Goeth famously said "See Naples and die" upon his return to Germany. He remained enchanted by the magnificence of this extraordinary city.

Here at NetFerry, we agree. Naples is timeless, so we recommend a short day trip to Capri to look out over the splendid Gulf of Naples, discover one of the most treasured destinations in the world, and make your stay even more special.

Nov 03, 22

Every island is unique and beautiful in the Canary archipelago, so how do you choose which to visit? But who said you could only see one?!

Lanzarote stands out with its lunar landscapes and tonnes of activities. Still, Fuerteventura is the perfect place for beach relaxation.

Oct 21, 22

With its white sand and crystal-clear waters surrounded by majestic green hills sloping into the sea, St. Bart’s is a pearl of the Caribbean. But did you know the island is only 45 minutes away from St Maartens?

The island is only 21 square kilometers, but it is a triumph of luxury and nature and, unsurprisingly, a top destination for the rich and famous.

Mar 05, 21

Have you ever wanted to visit Norway? But didn’t know where to head for? Many of us have an image of Norway in our mind, as a country of great fjords and epic landscapes, but how do you get to these remote places and how do you choose the best location? Well, Netferry can help you with this, we recommend that instead of heading by aeroplane straight for Oslo, why not travel by ferry to somewhere along the coast to really make the most of the journey and make your holiday more environmentally friendly. 

Netferry recommends heading to the little-known port of Flåm, a little village to the west of the capital situated in an area that is famous for fjords. Flåm lies at the end of Aurlandsfjord fjord, which is a branch of the vast Sognefjord fjord. Sognefjorden, is also known as the King of the Fjords, because it is the largest and deepest fjord in Norway, it stretches 205 kilometres inland from the sea.

Sep 04, 20

The coastline is quite rocky, which means while there aren't many sandy beaches, the water is amazingly clear thanks to the lack of sediment. Many beach places are reachable on foot, but if you want to get to the most secluded places, then think about renting a boat. If you are willing to dive a bit deeper, then Pantelleria has some fantastic scuba spots. Lying in the middle of the sea between Sicily and Tunisia, the island is free of pollution, and the beautiful climate means that the water is full of flora and fauna, also a few shipwrecks to explore!

Swim in a beautiful rock pool: Laghetto delle Ondine

Sep 04, 20

If you are planning an autumn trip with your children, NetFerry has an extraordinary destination in mind for you and your family! Today we set sail for Sardinia, an island in the beautiful Mediterranean sea with a surprisingly varied landscape. You have everything from rustic mountain villages to lively coastal towns, not to mention the fantastic food.

September welcomes the beginning of autumn, the crowds of tourists begin to leave, and the heat becomes a little more forgiving, making it the perfect time of year to visit Sardinia. NetFerry advises you to live an unusual experience with your children in Sardinia.  Well served by ferries connecting to mainland Italy, once you arrive into one of the ports, head inland to the colourful mountains with your family for an unusual and unforgettable experience.